2014-15 District Governor John Gammill

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Biography: District 2-A1 Governor 2014-2015

Governor John Gammill and wife Lion Angela

Lion John Gammill is a farmer/rancher from Mason, Texas. He was sponsored in to Lions by his father, Lion Gene, in 2006. Lion Gene is Secretary /Treasurer of the club. Lion John is a 3rd generation Lion behind his father and grandfather John, who was a member of the Kermit Lions Club.

He grew up in Llano, Texas, and attended Llano High School. He recalls fond memories of attending Lions Club meeting in Llano with his dad even at a very young age. He eventually moved to Mason were he would finish high school. He attended Austin Community College in Austin.

Lion John is also City Commissioner in Mason, and enjoys playing music. He is currently active in three bands in the Hill Country, playing bass guitar. He is also foreman of his families ranches in Mason.

Before serving as District Governor, Lion John served and President of the Mason Lions Club, Board member, and was Zone Chairman under District Governor Tom Blasé. He also serves on the Texas Lions Camp Programs committee.

Lion John lives in Mason with his wife, Lion Angela, with their two sons Julian, 10, and Christian, 6. They both attend Mason Elementary. Their son Ethan started college at Tarleton State this summer and plans to major in geophysics/geology.